Del Rio Vista Garden started as plain land near the Stanislaus River with an overlay of plants and waist-high weeds. It took a vision from one to see the potential of the land. Founded by Bertha Chavez in 2004, the journey of the garden venue started to take its path. The two-year project consists of endless construction and imagination. Supplies originate from Rosarito, Mexico making the foundation of the venue very unique. All iron work including the Terracotta used to pave the walkways and all columns throughout the facility give this venue its own personality. The year of 2006 Del Rio Vista Garden opened their gates for all to enjoy. 


Del Rio Vista Garden is here to make your wedding experience flawless from start to finish. The event coordinators help you execute all viewpoints and ideas assuring the day to go as planned. Bringing dream weddings to life for couples and guest to enjoy in a lavish garden under the sun and stars. Wedding planning has never been this simple and stress-free with a couple appointments to complete the process. No more folders with endless forms to fill and non-stop phone calls. Del Rio Vista Garden has you covered and will ensure your big day to be one of the most memorable of your life.